Welcome to Lone Star Waste Services (LSWS), LLC.

Thank you for your interest in who we are! We are a Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) transport company specializing in the collection and transport of RMW from all types of generators to a licensed treatment/disposal facility. We are licensed in Texas to provide these services and are committed to doing so according to all applicable laws and regulations. We know that you would rather focus your attention on providing service to your clients than on worrying about your RMW services so we provide you with safe, timely, licensed, insured and compliant handling of your medical waste needs so that your attention can be focused serving your clients. Our prices are aimed to provide a significant savings to your facility compared to overpriced national corporations and we are a truly local company, based in North Central Texas.


LSWS was founded by William Merritt an engineer and entrepreneur and his wife, Monica Merritt who is a Registered Nurse. They recognized a need for generators of medical waste to have an option besides the mega-sized national companies who seemed to be over charging and price gouging their customers because of a lack of local service providers that were competing in most of the areas where services are required. This is especially true in the rural areas where smaller companies don’t tend to focus their routes and where larger companies are the only real option.


We base our service provision on the laws, regulations and recommendations of best practices set forth by OSHA, TCEQ, DOT, etc and we are fully insured. This ensures that your liability and our liability are kept at a minimum as we commit to maintaining an up-to-the minute compliance to changes in state and federal regulations as well as following historically founded “best practices” from manifest documentation to handling and to investigating the safest and most environmentally friendly ways of disposing of RMW.


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