Lone Star Waste Services provides the pick-up, transport and final disposal of Regulated Medical Waste for generators, such as clinics, hospitals, nursing facilities and others that need to safely dispose of biohazardous waste.

Our services include:

On call service - Just call when you need a pick up.

Route Service - We will pick-up, transport, process and dispose of any quantity of Regulated Medical Waste that your facility may generate. Your manifests are always available on line and your certificate of destruction will be provided to you. We can pick up waste at your  facility daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly or we can design a pick up schedule around your unique needs.

All of our clients will receive the same great customer service experience! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All major credit cards are accepted.

We provide OSHA and DOT approved and certified containers.

We provide sharps containers in a variety of sizes for a small fee over our cost for the product.

The Regulated Medical Waste is transported to our contracted facility (that is EPA licensed, registered, and permitted) where it is specially treated by a powerful sanitizing agent. The system consistently exceeds testing expectations in every challenge. During the sanitation process the waste is macerated and shredded, deeming it unrecognizable and fully neutralized for disposal. This leaves a smaller footprint than traditional incineration and steam autoclave methods.

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