Disposing of Medical Waste

Medical waste that has been treated according to the requirements of 30 TAC 326.75(r) may be managed and disposed of as routine municipal solid waste and disposed of in a municipal solid waste Type I or Type IAE landfill (described in 30 TAC 330.5(a)(1)[146][147]) according to the provisions and exceptions specified in 326.39(c)[148], and 326.41(c)[149][150], provided labeling and other requirements of §326.75(r)(1)-(5)[151][152], and 25 TAC 1.136[153][154] are met.

Treated medical waste shipments including sharps or residuals of sharps originating from health care-related facilities must be accompanied by a written statement to the solid waste landfill that the shipment has been treated by an approved method in accordance with 25 TAC §1.136(326.23(e)[155][156]).

Untreated medical waste may be accepted for disposal at a landfill in the event of a natural or man-made disaster under 30 TAC §326.171(c)(1)[157][158] if authorized in writing by the executive director. Under such circumstances, the waste will be handled as a special waste [159], and may require the generator to complete a Request for Authorization for Disposal of a Special Waste[160] (Form TCEQ-0152) and the generator to complete a medical waste manifest in accordance with 30 TAC §§326.53(b)(8) and (9)[161][162] or the TCEQ Regulated Medical Waste Manifest [163] (form TCEQ-310).

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