About Us

Lone Star Waste Services is a locally owned and operated company based in Parker County and proudly serves all surrounding counties.

We are TCEQ licensed and fully insured so that you can be confident in the safe, compliant and fully documented handling of your Regulated Medical Waste.

We provide you with the liners and specially drop tested corrugated boxes for transport as well as color coded labels for your specific types of waste as part of your services. Our Collection Staff will electronically complete the manifest with you at pickup and continue documenting the waste until its disposal, providing you with your required manifest and Document of Destruction. Other supplies, such as sharps containers and other receptacles can be provided upon request at a reasonable fee.

What You Should Know About Us.

We provide excellent customer service including immediate response from local service teams and management who provide same-day solutions and flexible pick-up schedules.

Our invoices are easy to read without mystery charges, administrative fees or fuel surcharges. Our pricing is simple and transparent. Your unique quote is what you pay, period. We also guarantee that your contracted rate will not increase by more than 5% at renewal and that we won’t raise it at all as long as our costs stay the same.

Our pricing is consistently lower than national companies pricing as we don’t cater to corporate CEO salaries or huge trucking fleets. We run a straightforward Regulated Medical Waste program committed to keeping our prices low and sharing those savings with our clients by regularly monitoring our suppliers for money saving opportunities that ultimately result in a lower price for services.

We offer PRN pick ups for sporadic generators of Regulated Medical Waste and easy contract terms for more consistent generators with a more consistent quantity.

We offer a Compliance Training Program for you and your staff, should you chose. It is very affordable, however you don’t pay for it if you don’t wish to subscribe.

All of our representatives are fully trained and certified to handle regulated Medical Waste and will arrive at your facility in uniform and wearing a name tag. They conduct themselves as professionals and perform their duties in a manner that is orderly and with as little disruption as possible. All employees of Lone Star Waste Services have passed background checks as well as driving history checks. We enforce a drug free workplace.

If you aren’t happy with the service we provide we will make it right. We aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied. Our staff are always available to address any questions or concerns that may arise and we are always interested in your input.

You’ve found the right Regulated Medical Waste services company in Lone Star Waste Services. Reach out to us for a free, no obligation quote today! Due to customer demand, we can now simplify your transition to Lone Star by handling your current provider’s cancellation if you wish.

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